kids gift hero creator

About me

Hello! I’m Michelle, but most of the kids and parents I know call me, Aunty Mich

As a 30-something woman, I am surrounded by friends and family with kids.

I am a loving Godparent, cool aunty, educational lady, inspirational friend, fun big person, and kind neighbor, when it comes to the kids in my life. 

But playing these roles for so many people, across so many years is tough, particularly when it comes to gifting. It can be really hard to find the right gift for the right time in a kid’s life. 

Over the years I’ve gotten better at knowing what gifts both parents and kids enjoy, thanks to a heap of trial, some error, and plenty of unfiltered-unboxing reactions.

The right present at the right age can be something that kids always remember, and gifts that parents will be forever grateful for. Or at the very least, they rip open the beautifully wrapped present with a bespoke letterpress card still attached to the top, and look up at you with anything but a grimace, and eureka! you’ve done it.

You are a kids gift hero!

Good luck on your gift giving journey, I hope that my experiences and suggestions make your gift one that’s worth remembering.