7 Gifts To Capture Newborn Moments

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I’m not going to lie, there was a period in my life (when I was younger) where my social feeds were starting to fill up with baby photos. Did I panic a bit? Yes. Did I enjoy the updates? Yes, well for the most part; I did mute some number 2 and snot-related photos and posts, but can you blame me? The more close friends and family in my life having babies however, really changed my perspective. It’s an important time in a parent’s life and it’s worth sharing with close family and friends. Not only that, it’s probably the period in life that you want to look back on most – you want to preserve those magic moments and keep them forever. I love giving gifts that help parents document and display this time in their lives. It’s the gift that literally keeps on giving, because they will continue to look back thanks to these picture-perfect presents.

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Milestone photo cards

Under $50 – chronicling a baby’s first year is not only adorable, but can be really fun too. You’ve seen it before on Instagram; pop the baby on a nice surface and put a milestone card nearby, and snap. It’s a great way to visually document how much they changed from month one to month 12. There’s lots of different types of photo cards you can give but I like the Pearhead Wooden Monthly Milestone Photo Cards because the design is more timeless and less cluttered, so whether the parent is looking at photos now or 18 years from now, these photo cards will look classy and be clear.

Baby photo shoot

Over $100 – remember the famous photographs of babies dressed up as flowers or in watering cans by Anne Geddes? Well that started a major trend – the newborn baby photoshoot. Look, I have had one friend who wasn’t into this gift, but most love it. So why am I still suggesting it? Because it’s cute, and even if you think you might not like it now, looking back on those photos later will make it so worth it. The best way to give friends or family a baby photo shoot is to look up “baby photoshoot (city)” on Google or Instagram and find a photographer near their location. Don’t forget to check out their portfolio and choose one with a style and approach that the parents would like.

Digital photo frame

Under $100 – when you have a baby, one thing is for sure, you will want to capture and remember every moment. It’s easy to forget to put those photos on display, so the Aluratek 10″ Digital Photo Frame is the perfect way to highlight your favorite snaps. It’s really easy to set up, there’s a built-in memory transfer and store files easily from your personal computer to the frame’s 4GB built-in memory or simply insert a SD/SDHC card or USB flash drive to view your photos. Best of all, it’s a slim and stylish frame, which will look good in any setting.

Keepsake box

Under $100 – there’s something special about having something to have and hold from the past. Call it nostalgic or sentimental, it’s kind of both, but a personalized Baby Keepsake Box by KandJKeepsakes is a gift that’s not just special for parents but for their baby. This is especially true on the day that the baby grows up, and that gift you gave their parents, is now a gift their parents give them – filled with memories and trinkets from first year. The beautiful simplicity, natural finish, and laser engraving will age gracefully and keep key memories safe.

Baby photo book

Over $100 – it feels like there’s a theme here, because the next gift on this list is also something to have and to hold. Those first few years of a baby’s life are probably the most photographed years of their life, but those photos all tend to live digitally on parents’ phones or in the Cloud. Why not get baby’s first photo book by Photobook US, they create beautiful bound books with all your favorite moments. The site is super easy to use, with customisable options that will ensure the finished product will turn out as beautiful as the photos themselves.

Smart home displays

Over $200 – being a parent to a newborn means a fair bit of time at home, at least to begin with. Sometimes it’s nice to have a way to connect to people and devices digitally – enter a smart home display – specifically the Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen). It’s not just a smart speaker and mic with a touchscreen, like most smart displays are, this one has a motorized screen which automatically rotates to track the user so making video calls to show off the new baby or streaming your favorite show is super intuitive and high tech.

HERO GIFT: Personalized footprint kit

Under $100 – I think the reoccurring thing my friends and I reflect on is how big kids get, so fast. Everytime one of our friends or family has a newborn, another mother will inevitably give the new baby a big cuddle and sniff, and says, “I can’t believe my kid used to be this small, I miss it”. That’s why I love the gift of a Personalized Baby Footprint Kit by LucyCoggleDesigns. It immortalizes your baby’s tiny form for life. This one in particular comes with a baby animal print of your choosing, which let’s face it, makes the whole thing even cuter.