7 Sentimental Gifts For Baby’s 1st Birthday

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I don’t know when it happened but there was a point in time where 1st birthday parties became bigger than 21st birthdays, or 30th birthdays, or engagements…or anything really. It can be quite tough competing with all the flashy presents from all the uncles and aunties vying for the title of ‘favorite’. I’ve gone with 2 strategies to combat this: first, don’t worry about the flashy present, just get whatever comes in the biggest box because we know that’s what kids really love, and second, go with something sentimental, because that will stand the test of time and match the milestone. So here are 7 of the best gifts to get for one years olds that will make a meaningful impression.

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Adopt an animal

From $50+ – we know that kids love animals, and sure a stuffed toy is a great gift, but for a first birthday, you need to take that idea and put a tasteful and sentimental spin on it; because let’s face it this milestone is about making the parents feel warm and fuzzy, not just baby. What better way to bring a child’s love of animals to life than to support WWF’s global efforts to protect wild animals and their habitats by adopting an animal. You can choose from dozens of beautiful animals to symbolically adopt from a sloth, to zebra, to African elephant. My personal favorite is the Emperor Penguin chick – who doesn’t love Happyfeet. The adoption kits come with a photo, certificate, species card and plush toy among other things. You can’t go wrong with this gift.

Playhouse tent

Under $100 – this gift is not just tasteful in its design (parents deserve at least one thing that isn’t bright red or yellow), but it is about fostering your one year old friend’s creativity and imagination for this year and many to come. The Tiny Land Large Kids Teepee Tent is a neutral color, durable, and easy to clean. It comes with a padded mat and cute little side-window, making it a very comfortable, airy getaway, which can be used inside or out depending on where the kid’s imagination takes them.

Personalized book

From $50+ – I love this gift and have given it on many occasions for many of my favorite friends and family. Wonderby creates a huge range of personalized books that you can customize, not just with your kid’s name, but their appearance, and their favorite type of adventure. We know that when a kid loves a book, they want it read to them over and over and over. A personalized book is sure to be one of those books. For their first birthday, a personalized alphabet, color or counting book is special and educational. I just got all three as a set for my Goddaughter and she loved it! There’s nothing like seeing children see  themselves on paper. Pro tip: Wonderby tends to have lots of promotions, so look out for promo codes on their website.

Personalized puzzle

Under $50 – sometimes simplicity is the greatest gift of all. This Wooden Personalized Name Puzzle is something that will give kids joy through play, but can also be a beautiful keepsake to remember one’s childhood with. You know what I mean right, we all have a toy or two that we have kept from when we were young. Of course, the puzzle is tailored to the child’s name, but you can also choose from a range of different colors combinations, and even add a beautifully engraved personalized note to the back.

Personalized night light

Under $50 – this is a nifty gift that will come into use from the first birthday and for many years to come. When I visit my niece and nephew interstate, I tend to fly in at night, past their bedtime, and there’s nothing better than tip-toeing into their room for a sneaky cuddle while they’re sleeping, with their personalized night lights shining the way. The Custom Nursery Night Light, is a great size for a little one’s room, with the perfect amount of soft illumination, and the special touch of the baby’s name under the moon and stars. It will make kids feel comfortable and safe at bedtime.

First train set

Under $25 – a train set is just one of those timeless gifts, and you guys know by now, I love a gift that ages gracefully. That, coupled with my love of Thomas the Tank Engine, makes this Wooden Train Set for Toddlers from Tiny Land Store a sentimental favorite. It includes 3 trains, 3 animal figures, 3 trees and a colorful tract with rotatable spinning gear. It’s perfect for a playful 18 month to 3 year olds, and will help spark their imagination and develop their fine motor skills.

Hero Gift: Growth chart

Under $100 – this is a bit of a sore point for me, because I’m a fully grown woman that stands only 5 foot small. I dread the day when my nieces and nephews outgrow me because let’s face it, it won’t take them long; this gift will help keep track. It is a beautifully presented Personalized Kids Wooden Growth Chart, with photo windows to capture growth milestones. So, not only can you track the little one’s growth, but you can add a memorable photo of them at that age. This gift is sentimental in the best possible way, and an incredibly beautiful way to watch a child grow.