10 Best Gifts For 6 Year Old School Kids

Practical gifts for pre-teen kids that they will love

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Six, it doesn’t sound so big, but it is in many ways it is, because there’s big changes happening. Most kids this age are moving from kindergarten to the first grade, and this move can feel a lot like something Neil Armstrong once said, it’s “one small step, but one giant leap…” There’s still a sense of play, of course, but for the first time, there’s some structured work and learning as well, and that can be a challenge for some kids. Gifts that give six-year-olds the best of both worlds could help them enjoy this time in their life and get them ready for the years to come. Think fun, mixed with a bit of learning, or physical games with a bit of creativity. Here are my picks for the best gifts for six-year-old boys or girls.

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Toy Rocket Launcher

Under $25 – I made a space reference in the opening paragraph for a reason; this first gift on the list is a real blast (pun intended). As soon as this toy rocket launcher assembled – it’s very easy, by the way – your kid can run, jump and off it goes. It’s a simple toy, but it’s one where the fun energy put in, gets an equal reaction out, and that’s what I really like about it. The rocket itself is made of foam, so it gets good lift and can soar up to 100 feet/30 meters, with the perfect run and jump. It’s a great gift that gets kids outside, and believe it or not, you can start to get them interested in STEM by talking about trajectory and angles.

KidiZoom Smartwatch

Under $75 – my little buddy Ethan showed me his VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch the other day, to lots of ‘ooo’s’ and ‘ahhs’ from me and the rest of our friend group. Let me tell you, we weren’t just indulging him either, they were real reactions because he’s a six-year-old with an equally cool watch. It was so stylish, I thought it was an adult version, but he quickly showed me it was much more impressive with a monster detector game (and many other games at that), pedometer, sound effects, photos, videos, and camera effects. It’s even waterproof.

Hover Ball

Under $75 – I was born in the 80’s (yay to the 80’s) so naturally, I’m obsessed with Back to the Future. For those who know and love it as much as I do, you would know that one of the best gadgets they conjured up for the ‘future’ was the hoverboard. Ok, so this toy isn’t a hoverboard, but it makes the list because it’s the almost as impressive, ball version. These hover balls have soft foam bumpers and glide on different indoor and outdoor surfaces, from hardwood, to tiles, asphalt, and even short carpet. They have flashing lights so you can play from day to dark, with your family and friends. It’s like futuristic soccer!

Walkie Talkies

Under $50 – “Kids Gift Hero, do you read? Over!” This gift is something that kids, and ‘big’ kids can enjoy. The best thing about gifts like this, is it can morph into the perfect prop for any playtime activity – whether the kids are out in the backyard imaging they’re jungle explorers, or if they’re jumping off couches in the living room, playing out a team rescue mission. This walkie talkie has alert function, crisp and smooth sound quality with adjustable volume level. It’s modern compact design, with simple push to talk operation.

Create A Dinosaur World

Under $50 – what if you could create your own Jurassic Park? Pretty cool hey? Well, this Create a Dinosaur-themed world race track does just that. It’s the kind of gift that brings together fun and development – prehistoric history, building using hand-eye coordination, and play. It’s easy to assemble, or disassemble and store. It comes with 2 dinosaur cars, and a dynamic track which twists left and right, allowing kids to try different track layouts.

Kidzlane Dance Mat

Under $100 – remember that arcade game, ‘pump it up’. People would have to match their dance steps to the moves on the screen. It was as fun to watch, as it was to play. Well, this gift brings that into the living room. The Kidszlane Dance Mat will have kids stepping, hopping and jumping onto blinking arrows for hours of fun and entertainment. There are 3 interactive games with 5 difficult levels; you can follow the built-in music, or best of all, you can connect you own and dance to your favorite tracks. It’s durable, designed to withstand dance tournament after dance tournament.

Pogo Jumper

Under $25 – at six years old, you have just about as much energy as a body can get, so why not use it. The My First Flybar foam pogo jumper is nostalgic fun in a modern package. It is crafted from durable foam, and every bounce and jump is echoed by a squeaky sound. It can be used indoors or outdoors, so kids can practice handy-eye coordination, balance and motor skills almost anywhere. This gift is  fitness made fun.

Outdoor Exploration Kit

Under $50 – I recently bought this gift for my friend’s boisterous son, Felix. They live in a regional, reef-side area, up north where it’s warm all year, and they’re surrounded by nature. So naturally, he loves exploring the bushes near their property and wanted a kit to match his adventuring ambitions. This Outdoor Exploration Kit comes with binoculars (which were Felix’s favorite feature), a flashlight, lensatic compass, magnifying glass, and fox whistle. It’s a gift that supports STEM learning and encourages scientific exploration and a love of nature. I love gifts that get kids out of the house and help them open their eyes to the world around them.

Friendship Bracelet Making Kit

Under $50 – you know by now, I love nostalgia, and I think it’s fun for parents and friends to give kids gifts that help them embrace their inner child, or spark happy memories that get them involved in play. I remember getting my first friendship bracelet at school, and I recently had the same fuzzy feeling when my niece Vivian made one for me and my partner at her birthday party. It was so cute! This Friendship Bracelet Making Kit includes 12 bracelet threads, braiding rings, button closures, and pattern stickers. There’s a design guide and unicorn storage bag. This is a special gift, not just for the kid making the bracelets, but those lucky enough to get one.

HERO GIFT: Magnetic Building Blocks

Under $50 – there’s a lot of buzz around educational toys that help children develop in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). I’m all-for toys and gifts that promote learning, but I do still think kids should be allowed to be kids and have fun, which is why I have picked the Magnetic Building Blocks Set, because it’s not learning disguised as fun, it’s fun disguised as learning. It’s not your normal building blocks, the magnets make it different and challenging. There’s over 100 pieces, in different shapes including:  triangle, square, isosceles triangle, hexagon, and a set of wheels, and a guide book to help kids create along the way.