Gift guide


Gifts for newborns

If you want gift ideas for baby showers or to pamper your favorite soon-to-be mom or dad, this is the place for you

Gifts for infants

When it comes to gifts for babies 3-12 months, there’s plenty of options with a skew towards delighting the senses.

Gifts for toddlers

It’s at this age where you can start to ask what kids like. The obsessions start. It makes gift-giving a bit more fun.

Gifts for pre-schoolers

Embrace that special time before the kids go to ‘big school’. The best gift will develop their physical and social independence.

Gifts for school kids

Now, you need to take the kid’s lead, and tune into what they like, need and prefer. They will start to care about what they look like, what’s on-trend, and it will be a fine-balance.

Gifts for teenagers

At this age, there’s lots of external pressures and expectations from their peers and the world around them; help them embrace and celebrate who they are.

Gifts for parents

Parents are the unsung heroes who put themselves last on the wish list. Gifts that help them feel pampered and encourage self-care will replenish them as healthy and happy carers.

Ideas for holidays

Milestone birthdays, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, White Elephant, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, the list goes on. These holidays and parties should be marked with something special.

Gifts on a budget

Gifts are a way to show someone you care about, that you are thinking of them. That shouldn’t come at a hefty price tag. The best gifts are a show of effort and thought.

Our aim is to provide our lovely readers (you!) with some cool, outside of the box gift inspiration for children of all ages.

From newborns all the way through to 18 year olds – Aunty Mich from Kids Gift Hero has you covered!

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