6-12 years olds

Gifts for School Kids​

The kids are getting bigger, and they are starting to come into their own.

It’s at this stage that we tend to say, “wow, look at you, growing up so fast”. It can feel bittersweet; you’re giving them gifts to help them embrace their growing abilities, and deepening interests.

This period can feel very different from the years before where your kids gifts possibly ignited a love for something new.

Now, you need to take the kid’s lead, and tune into what they like, need and prefer.

They will start to care about what they look like, what’s on-trend, and it will be a fine-balance between fitting in, and standing out!

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6 years old
Aunty Mich

10 Best Gifts For 6 Year Old School Kids

Think fun, mixed with a bit of learning, or physical games with a bit of creativity. Here are the best gifts for six-year-old boys or girls