1-3 year olds

Gifts For Toddlers

Toddlers, they go by so many names: terrible twos, troublesome threes.

It can be a treacherous few years for parents, friends and family. They really ease us in too, because come their first birthday, it’s all smiles, walking, talking and lots of exciting milestones.

Then they turn, like little vampires (in the nicest possible way). Anyone who has or loves kids this age knows what I mean; we adore them, but it’s an ‘interesting’ time to put it mildly. The obsessions start. You have to listen to Baby Shark, on repeat. You have to watch Encanto, again, on repeat. Everything is Yellow Wiggle themed one day, then Marvel themed the next.

It really is like 4 seasons a day, for 3 years. Such a magical time, no? Luckily they’re cute. I actually don’t mind this age bracket when it comes to gift giving, the themes make it a touch easier, as long as you can keep up with the latest trend. We’ve all given Elsa gifts, not knowing that they’re favorite character is now Arial.

P.S. When did the Little Mermaid come back in, that’s what I watched when I was a kid, about a hundred years ago. It’s at this age where you can start to ask what kids like, just don’t ask them too far out from the special occasion because it might change before then.

Let the games begin!